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Bank Loans One of the most common types of financing is bank loans. In order to obtain a bank loan for a new business, you may need to present a business plan or a loan proposal, which are similar documents. The advantage of seeking a bank loan may be that you or your family has a preexisting relationship or history with a bank that makes the process eas- ier. In any event, a bank will focus on several things in reviewing your loan application. First, they will want to know about your business (the business plan), how much money you need, and how you intend to spend it. Equally important is demonstrating to the bank how your business intends to pay the loan back and over what time period. Financial projections are most helpful at this time.

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Banks are in the business of loaning moneythat is one of their main profit centers. Your task is to demonstrate to them that you are creditwor- thy and that the revenues from your company are likely to pay back the loan in a timely manner. You demonstrate your ability to pay back the loan through your financial projections. If you already have a history of running a profitable business, a historical financial statement coupled with a finan- cial projection could win the day. Unless you have substantial assets in your company and healthy annual revenues, banks are likely to look to the creditworthiness of the owners of the business. In other words, you and your partners credit histories will be checked and you may be required to submit a personal balance sheet.

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Keep in mind that it is a crime to submit false information to a banktell it like it is without unnecessary embellishment. In the case of a start-up business, many banks will require, as a condition of the loan, that each of the founders (and possibly their spouses) guaran- tee the loan. The demand for personal guarantees may also surface when you are signing a lease for your company office or plant. If you have to sign a personal guarantee, see if the bank will agree to remove it after some rea- sonable period. Commercial landlords tend to be more open to the even- tual removal of personal guarantees than banks, but it never hurts to ask. Banks charge interest for loans, which is deductible as a business expense to the borrower. Interest rates vary among banks and can be influenced by the type of loan made and the perceived credit risk of the borrower. You should explore the various types of bank loans available to your business to see what fits. For example, a line of credit allows you to draw funds when needed and only pay interest on outstanding balances.